Tungsten faceted ice jig head tungsten ice jigs


【Grade】97% pure tungsten



【Country of Origin】ZhuZhou.China

【Application】Ice Fishing

product details

* Hooked on Japan Hayabus

* Fine-wire hook angled at 45° increases your hooking percentage.

* Clear eyelets,fast sinking

*Tungsten faceted ice jig Target fish for Crappie,Sunfish,Panfish,walleyes,bass,perch and

crappies,bluegills also other species.

*Flat soldered surface for easy painted.

*The sharp hooks made of high carbon steel makes it even more reliable to use in waters.Neither going to give in to corrosion nor rusting.The hooks with barb makes it hard for the fish to escape once they bite.



What's tungtsen ice jig?

Tungsten ice jig is made from 97% pure tungsten and with hand painting colors.

The hook is from Japan can make the ice jig have better pulling force, and the barb of the hook can ensure that the fish will not come off after the fish biting.

Tungsten ice jigs are a hot trend on hard-water. Lure selections from manufacturers are growing, and more anglers are seeing the unique advantages tungsten provides on ice. Small jigs that “fish heavy” are a main ingredient for many crappie ICE FISHING tactics.

Why Tungsten ice jig?

Tungsten ice jig is made of 97% pure tungsten with 18g/cm³ density.Its is nearly 1/2 smaller than lead.Meanwhile, it is more environmentally friendly and more sensitive when fishing.

Tungsten ice jig include tungsten rain drop ice jig,tungsten tear drop ice jig,tungsten ball type ice jig,tungsten ant ice jig,tungsten ball faceted ice jig,tungsten clove ice jig,tungsten grub faceted ice jig,tungsten maggot ice jig,tungsten midge ice jig,tungsten pupae ice jig,tungsten uralcom ice jig and so on.

The hook for tungsten ice jig is Hayabusa hook from Japan. Use with mini soft bait and have vivid swimming style, whether in sea water or fresh water, it can be used effectively.Tungsten ice jigh can be used for a variety of target fish,such as Crappie, Sunfish, Panfish, walleyes, bass, perch, crappies, bluegills and so on.

Ice jigs can be plated into gold, silver, copper and black nickel. It can also paint UV glue. Glow in dark colors are the most popular certaintly.The most popular sizes currently on the market are 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm.These sizes are enough to meet the needs of fishing throughout the season.

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