Fly fishing fly tying material tungsten dumbbell eyes


【Grade】97% pure tungsten



【Country of Origin】ZhuZhou.China

【Application】fly fishing

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FLY FISHING fly tying material tungsten dumbbell eyes

Tungsten dumbbell eyes are ballasts that if applied to your streamers will be able to sink them very quickly and will allow you to perform a very effective fishing action even in situations of high current.

Size:3mm*5mm, 4mm*6mm, 4.8mm*7.2mm, 5.6mm*8.4mm

Color:Gold,Silver,Copper,Black nickel哑铃(2).jpg

Fly fishing uses a bionic bait to imitate insects, moths and other winged insects to stimulate fierce predatory fish in the water.It can be use in Lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers,creeks.Most of fishes can be excellent fly fishing.For example,Terapon jarbua,spotted herring and so on.The best time for fly fishing is in the early morning and dusk of the day.

The fishing spot should be kept quiet. The predatory fish are scared and afraid of people. They are extremely sensitive to sound reactions. When changing the fishing spot, the footsteps should be lighter. Use topographic features to conceal yourself, and do not wear brightly colored clothing. Try not to make the shadow of the fishing rod fly over the fishing spot so as not to disturb the fishes.

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