97% pure Extra Weight 3/64oz 3/4oz tungsten Fastach Sinker fishing weight


【Grade】97% pure tungsten



【Country of Origin】ZhuZhou.China

【Application】Bass fishing

product details

Product Description

97% pure Extra Weight 3/64oz 3/4oz tungsten Fastach Sinker fishing weight

*The sinker that can be quickly attached to the tip loop of a lure or rig.
*Tungsten Fastach Sinker,is a pear shaped weight with a fast attach hook included so weights can be quickly added and

*Eco-friendly, lead free range of jig heads that are made from 97% tungsten.
*Smaller size of tungsten allows anglers to reduce the scale of their rigs for better concealment and reducing losses
in snaggy areas.



Q1: How soon will my goods be delivered?

A1: We will send out your goods in 5~7days after receiving your payment.

Q2:Why Tungsten?
A2:Tungsten is about 1.7 times as dense as lead which means that
a tungsten sinker is considerably smaller than a lead sinker for the same weight sinker.  
With the smaller profile comes a smaller chance of a fish spitting the lure on a bite.
The higher density of the tungsten also increases sensitivity so the angler can better feel the bottom structure.
Lead is soft and tends to deform when fishing hard structure which causes lead weights to more easily
get caught in rocks where a tungsten weight will not get hung up as often.
The softness of lead also mutes most sounds the weight makes when it hits hard structure.
 Tungsten will amplify that sound attracting fish.
Lead is a toxic material and an environmental concern.  
Tungsten is an eco friendly alternative.

Q3:What advantages and disadvantages of Steel, Tungsten and Lead ?
A3:Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the three metals:


  • Soft-easy to bend and cut.

  • Low cost

  • Medium density

  • Take it away from children

  • Toxic

  • Only available in one form-1/4" cylinders

  • Low cost

  • Can be cut

  • Low density

  • Can rust

  • High density

  • Small volume more weight

  • High cost

  • difficult to shape

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