3/8 oz smooth surface insert freenon chip tungsten fishing flipping weight


【Grade】97% pure tungsten



【Country of Origin】ZhuZhou.China

【Application】Bass fishing

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Product Description

*Tungsten weights smaller and more sensitive than lead, they are also louder when they bang up against a flipping bead (sold separately) or a rock. And speaking of rocks, don't worry about the paint chipping off of this weight. It's powder painted to make it chip resistant.

*Perfect for texas rig and carolina rig, soft plastics like creatures, worms, noodles, craws, lizards, and more.
*Chip resistant, high-impact tested paint finish
* Tungsten is much more sensitive than lead and brass, you will feel every rock, log, weed and strike when you fish.
*This sinker is exactly what you need to upgrade your tackle box for better BASS FISHING. You will have a more enjoyable time while catching more fish.




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