Tungsten offset beads jig off beads





【Country of Origin】ZhuZhou.China


product details

*Tungsten beads are ideal for loading nymph flies as they are 1.7 x weighty than lead, are nontoxic and more friendly to nature. Suitable for all jig hooks.

*Jig Off Tungsten beads are new in tying world. The shape is more like a tear drop with an eccentric hole. That helps the fly to behave like a jig even if the hook has a classic shape and not a jig shape. For this reason the hook will stay with the tip up and will reducer drastically the snags between rocks or in drifted submerse woods and roots.Thanks to their center of gravity is changed.so it will ensure a faster descent of the fly to the river bottom, which is great especially when fishing in deep pools or in a fast and strong river stream.


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