Plain tungsten pagoda nail sinker for soft bait worm


【Grade】97% pure tungsten



【Country of Origin】ZhuZhou.China

【Application】Bass fishing

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Product Description

Hot sale Fishing Weight Tungsten pagoda nail weight

*Tungsten Nail Sinker is ideal for adding weight to soft jerkbaits, Soft stickbaits, plastic worms or any other bait when just a little bit of weight will help.  
*These weights are non-toxic, corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly with a durable, non-chip finish and engravings that
denote the precise weight
*Smooth Rounded Edges - Tournament Grade *The unique pagoda shape makes them easily to be inserted into any soft lures, for more
accurate casts and increased hook up ratios



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Packing Details

Prevs:1g-30g Tungsten Cheburashka sinker

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